My 2011 New Year’s resolutions

I haven’t written a blog posts in a while so it figured a good start might be to make some resolutions for myself in the new year (yes, I know that January is almost over).

Here are few things I want to improve:

First, and I’ve been saying this for a while, I need to start blogging more. This post is a okay start but I want to finish my initiative that I start back in December. Which is to to break the site up into code in business and to post in each of those categories at least once a month. Once I get there, I can see where it goes.

Second, I’m going to start replying to more e-mails. This may seem like a no-brainer but I haven’t been in the habit of replying to e-mails that aren’t urgent or work related. So a lot of e-mails and the going unanswered. I want to change that.

Third, I want to participate more in the open source world. I work for start up so it’s difficult to find any time to work on open-source projects, but I imagine I can find a little time here and there and I want to all get a bit more involved with the community. I believe open source is fundamental to innovation and I think I can make some valuable contributions.

Fourth, and this is really my only non-tech related goal, I want to be more active in my life. Being a software engineer it’s sometimes easy to get into a rut where you’re just sitting at a desk 12+ hours a day staring at a computer screen. It’s clearly not the most healthy thing in the world. So my final resolution is to get out and be more active on both in the community and also in a more traditional sense (exercising, eating right, etc.).

Usually don’t like to post about my personal life but I want to get this out there for everybody to see. Maybe it will provide a bit of motivation. I know that some of you out there will start nagging me if I fall behind (thank you for that). And finally I wish you all the absolute best in this new year and with everything you do.

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One comment on “My 2011 New Year’s resolutions
  1. Charles Voita says:

    I am liking your blog so far. Keep posting stuff! I also bought your book ‘Expert PHP and MySQL.’ I am excited to bite into the real tofu of this book!

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