Andrew holding a copy of "Expert PHP and MySQL"

Andrew holding a copy of "Expert PHP and MySQL" at a Barnes and Noble in Burlington, Massachusetts

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Andrew Curioso is a software engineer and author with an eye for all things Internet and Web 2.0. Why? Because that is where all the action and excitement is. By day he is a VP of Engineering at myVBO, the company responsible for FreePriceAlerts.com. By night he is the lead author of Expert PHP and MySQL by Wiley (2010) and Shortcut: Ajax with PHP5 by O’Reilly Media (2007) and has several other writing projects in the works.

He is a hiker, skier, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii player, movie watcher, book reader, want-to-be pianist, terrible Korean language speaker, Twitter and RSS feed addict, half-way-decent cook, and loving husband.

Before all that Andrew was just a guy breaking new ground for the cutting-edge web publishing product Webon over at Lycos. Before that, a software developer cutting costs and saving trees at a large defense contractor with the help of Web 2.0 technology. And still before that, a young guy trying to make sense of the world of e-commerce.

Andrew’s passions lay in finding new an innovative ways to solve problems using existing and sometimes ground-breaking technologies. And that is what he does.

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If you are in the Boston or Nashua, NH area be sure to drop a line and he’ll see what his schedule looks like. You can find the contact page here.

Previous speaking engagements

  • Daum-Lycos Developer Conference
    October 2008 in South Korea
    Security in a User Extensible System