CakeFest 2010

API Development with CakePHP

CakePHP is an excellent platform for building APIs. It's MVC (Model View Controller) architecture lends itself well to rapidly building APIs that output in a variety of formats.


Most of the content has been removed from this page due to the fact that this talk was given using a now outdated version of CakePHP.

The agenda for the talk covered:

  • Why your application should have an API.
  • What is REST?
  • A practical example of REST with CakePHP (a simple short URL service).
  • Best practices for building APIs with CakePHP.

Some of the features that make CakePHP excelent for APIs include:

  • The ability to easily write views for the three most common API output formats. Json, XML, and JsonP.
  • Built-in RESTful routing.
  • Ability to version your API using plugins.

I have given several talks on API development at various conferences and have decided to break out the key points into there own page rather than have it embedded in each.

About the Event

CakeFest is an annual gathering of CakePHP developers. Which despite the name has nothing to do with confections.


The James Hotel, 55 East Ontario Street, Chicago, IL


02 Sep 2010 to 05 Sep 2010