August 2012 New Hampshire PHP

Creating an MVP with MVC

There isn't any shortage of frameworks for PHP out there and starting with a Framework can be a daunting task for anyone. But once you know the fundamentals, a framework can greatly increase your productivity.

We will use CakePHP — a popular MVC framework — for the last part. And yes, we will actually make a viable product at the meetup.

About the Event

New Hampshire PHP is one of the largest gathering of technologists in New Hampshire. Founded in 2012 by Andrew Curioso (of this website) the group boasts over 160 members and meets on the fourth Thursday of every month except in November and December.

This workshop, Creating an MVP with MVC was the first real workshop for the group. The only prior meeting being a pizza party and brainstorming session.


abi Hub, 33 South Commercial Street, Manchester, NH


16 Aug 2012