March 2014 New Hampshire PHP

Introduction to NoSQL with Redis and PHP

Come join us and check out the Redis key-value store database. Learn how you can use it in your project to get blisteringly fast performance out of your PHP (or non-PHP) app.

Some of the topics include:

  • NoSQL basics
  • Redis structures like lists and hashes
  • How to use Redis in your PHP project
  • Pubsub (publish subscribe)
  • Tradeoffs when using redis
  • Redis vs memcached
  • Using Redis for persistent storage

Many of the topics apply not just to Redis but also many other NoSQL solutions.

About the Event

New Hampshire PHP is one of the largest gathering of technologists in New Hampshire. Founded in 2012 by Andrew Curioso (of this website) the group boasts over 160 members and meets on the fourth Thursday of every month except in November and December.

Introduction to NoSQL with Redis and PHP was one of the top-requested talks.


The Farm Bar and Grill, 1181 Elm Street, Manchester, NH


27 Mar 2014