Northeast PHP 2012

Creating an Epic RESTful API and Conquering the World

Whether you have data and functionality you want to make public to the world, or you just want a way to communicate between different projects internally, you need an API. In this session, you will learn the details of creating a RESTful API with PHP, and be able to answer the following questions:

  • What is a RESTful API?
  • Why should your product have an API?
  • How do you create an API with PHP?

The session will also include practical examples and best practices for scaling, versioning, and caching.

I have given several talks on API development at various conferences and have decided to break out the key points into there own page rather than have it embedded in each.

About the Event

Northeast PHP 2012 is the innaugural gathering of PHP developers from around the world to the Boston area to discuss technology, development, and other topics such as usability and UI design.


Microsoft N.E.R.D. Center, 1 Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA


11 Aug 2012 to 12 Aug 2012