I worked for Lycos on the Webon product from the initial planning all the way through several major released versions. The result, a clean and easy to use cloud-based web publishing product. The project is now the preferred page building tool for another Lycos property: Angelfire.

My major contributions to the project include:

  • Software architecture design and development.
  • Supporting XML schema design (a super-set of XHTML).
  • A cutting edge web based rich-text editor in Javascript.
  • A cutting edge CSS and theme editor as well as easy dynamic theme switching and previewing.
  • Unified Javascript libraries including dynamic module loading.
  • OpenSocial implementation.
  • OpenID integration.
  • Lycos Analytics — a Google-like web analytics platform.
  • Organized Foosball tournaments.
  • Significant contributions to media management, module resizing, and project planning.
  • Additional contributions to blogging module, premium accounts, and user profiles.

Webon was a Finalist in the 2008 MITX Interactive Awards in the Web 2.0 and Social Networking category.

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What people are saying

[Webon] is a simplified and clean way in which to make a multimedia site. Kristen Nicole – Mashable
... a free site-building service that’s solid, simple, and very usable. Rafe Needleman – CNET
If you're interested in starting up a simple web site with virtually no learning curve, Webon looks like a good choice. Adam Pash – Lifehacker