FreePriceAlerts is a set of tools that help people save money while they shop. Since it's launch most of the functionality (and a lot more) has been put into the Ziftr product line.


It was originally built on technologies developed for myVBO but grew to something much more. Some of its (and now Ziftr Alerts) features are:

  • An advanced pricing engine that quickly finds the best prices from all over the Internet.
  • Toolbars for Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and Internet Explorer.
  • A mobile website.
  • Wishlists that users can create and share.


My own contributions to the project include:

  • Collaborated on the user experience and architecture design from the project start.
  • Developed a product processing infrastructure capable of handling tens of millions of products a day using Gearman as a job manager along with XSLT, AWK, Lex, and Yacc.
  • Designed a RESTful API for use by all client applications.
  • Partner integration.
  • Designed a scalable cloud based multi-tier infrastructure.